Initiation Story

The basic idea of the establishment of INCS has originated from the apparent lack of nuclear chemists worldwide. This has been outlined in detail in the paper presented by T. Unak during the International Symposium on Radiation Education, which was held between 11th - 14th of December, in 1998 in Hayama, Japan. As it was outlined in T. Unak's paper*, there is expected to be a growing demand for nuclear chemists in the 21st century, especially for the growing applications of the different kinds of radiopharmaceuticals worldwide.

In addition, the transportation of nuclear wastes and related safety problems, and the significant funding for the development of alternative and safer nuclear reactors, accelerators, etc indicate clearly the very important role of nuclear chemists in the 21st century. In spite of these realities, the nuclear chemistry specialization has very important educational, training, and academic problems, which are waiting to be resolved. The lack of any international organization of nuclear chemists increases the difficulties in resolving these kinds of problems. For this reason, the establishment of INCS may surely be very helpful in organizing nuclear chemists worldwide and facilitating the solving their common problems. In addition, the scope of INCS is imagined to cover all of the directly or indirectly related people to the chemistry of radioactive materials and to the applications of nuclear radiations.

Therefore, nuclear chemists will be able to have an international power in the scientific platforms. Briefly, all chemists and also everybody who is directly or indirectly related to the applications of radioactive materials and nuclear radiations are kindly invited to support the establishment of INCS, to have an active role in the realization of its establishment, and to obtain one of the future individual memberships of the society. It is also necessary to outline that one of the basic aims of INCS is to be a bridge between individuals, institutions, and commercial companies and to establish close cooperations between them worldwide.

In this context, individual, institutional, and industrial memberships of INCS will be established. Already now, pre-membership registrations are initiated. Please encourage your colleagues, institutions, and commercial companies related to the nuclear sciences and technology to register for pre-membership of INCS filling the pre-membership forms. Please also note that this is free of charge for a while. Finally, let's make much more beautiful our globe for the next generations developing the nuclear chemistry concepts and ensuring the participation of nuclear chemistry in the peaceful applications of nuclear sciences and technology.

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